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Dr. Dnyandeo Chopade awarded with Medical Excellence Award 2010

Wed, Dec 1, 2010


Yesterday, on 30th November, 2010, Bajaj Discover- Dr Batra’s Positive Health Award 2010 which honour those medical professionals who selflessly serve the society was given to Dr. Dnyandeo Chopade for his work in the
Down’s syndrome families. These awards were also given to those who have fought serious physical setbacks
to survive and contribute meaningfully to the society for their heroism. Other awrdees were Kritika Purohit, Anita Guruprasad, Sushmeeta Bubna, Suresh Chalke, Sabira Khan and Dhriti Pandit

Dr. Dnyandeo Chopade receiving the award from Aishwarya and Abhishekh Bacchan.

While Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai were the star attractions of the awards, the true heroes were the physically-handicapped and the underprivileged children, who put up a show that left us spellbound. Visually-challenged children from The Happy Home and School for the Blind entertained the audience with a soulful musical and dance show that truly opened up eyes to fact of life – within your disabilities, lie your abilities.

This was followed by an energetic dance performance by the Shaimak Davar’s troupe of specially-challenged children – The Victory Arts Foundation. As an awardee observed that there is so much teamwork and enthusiasm within them that we, normal people can only look in amazement and learn from them.
The AVs of their biographies were truly inspiring and reiterated the fact that is imbibed in every member in the hall. – the thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen. So believe that you can fly…and one day, you shall!

Nashik based medical geneticist and director of “Genetic Health & Research Centre” Dr. D. K. Chopade was felicitated with a prestigious Medical Excellence award at a grand function at Tata Theatre in Mumbai on 30th November 2010. This award was presented to him by Aishwarya and Abhishekh Bacchan in the presence of the renowned personalities from Bollywood and industry. Bajaj Discover -Positive Health Award is given to the real hero in life for making a difference and contributing to the lives of those who are not as lucky as the normal people like us.

Dr. Chopade says, being a Medical Geneticist, I am in contact with the Down’s Syndrome Kids and families for the last 16 years. What I observed that these very lovely angelic kids who are having the extra chromosome 21 have number of physical, behavioural and health problems. In most of the cases it is quite possible for the DS individual to lead a reasonably healthy and happy life, provided they receive proper care from parents, doctors, teacher’s and society in general. However, there is no available set up which can provide support to these kids and families and they suffer mainly because of ignorance and apathy in the concerned sectors of the society. These kids and parents inspired me to go ahead with the establishment of an organization. This is how the “Down’s Syndrome Care Association” was established in the year 2006 and got registered as the charity organization in the year 2009.

Dr. D. K. Chopade, who is the President of “Down’s syndrome Care Association, India” (DSCA) said, each of us owes something to the society in which we live and get opportunities for our growth, survival and success. He established DSCA in the year 2004 and is working along with number of like minded people in making life better for the DS kids and their families through various activities. DSCA has been doing number of activities like creating Genetic Health Awareness in general public and doctors’ community in North Maharashtra, Marathwada and Vidarbha, creating Public awareness about Down’s Syndrome condition and getting them involved in the various Down’s syndrome activities, celebrating World Down’s syndrome Days on 21st March every year since 2006, providing free detail check up to the DS kids from all the medical specialists like Geneticist, Physician, ENT surgeons, Opthalmogist, Physiotherapist, speech Therapist, Behavioural therapist, Pediatricians, cardiologist. This year, DSCA has started a Down’s syndrome Activity Centre where DS kids in the age group of 6 to 12 are given physiotherapy, speech therapy, behavioural therapy and regular health check-ups. Dr. Chopade has also written a book ‘Agantuk 21” in Marathi for the parents of Down’s syndrome. DSCA is finding difficulties in running the activities for want of resources. DSCA doesn’t have adequate funds, manpower, infrastructure and its own place for all the activities

Dr. Chopade aims to create a platform for all the DS individuals and families where they will be getting all the necessary support like parent counseling, complete medical health check ups, early intervention like physiotherapy, speech therapy, behavioural therapy, yoga, medication, special education based on Down’s syndrome condition in general and the individual capabilities in special. He also aims to do research in the Down’s syndrome condition in India for generating new management strategies and prevention of the disabilities in these kids and families.

” We need to have a movable exhibition on Down’s syndrome condition for creating the public awareness about the condition. Our aim will be fulfilled only when people will know about their responsibility towards these kids and they will be treating these kids as one amongst them instead of treating them abnormal. I wish to see most of them independent, socially adaptable, happy, healthy and successful in their own world”, says Dr. Chopade

“Each of us has variable potentials and thus need support of the society for our own growth and success. Therefore, each of us is indebted to the society. It is our responsibility to support those who are not as lucky as we are in having all the physical potentialities. Keep in mind, Down’s kids are very lovely, beautiful and affectionate and what they need is only your attention, care and support.”

Dr. Chopade with other awrdees, Aishwarya and Abhishekh Bacchan ,Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Dr. Batra, Dr. Soonavala and the jury
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